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Undergraduate students

Proficiency in the Japanese competence is a critical prerequisite for enrollment and the admission test and classes are provided in Japanese. For information about our education, see Japanese pages.

Graduate school students

Classes and seminars will be conducted in English upon request, thereby helping students who do not speak Japanese to complete the course. Additionally, various support programs are offered to foreign students, and student exchange programs are available to international and Japanese students.

Lectures and studies

The ability to conduct advanced research is developed through its self-advancement. The department conducts 45 classes on a variety of subjects, 9 of which are shared with the Department of Chemistry. In addition, each student has to attend a seminar and research activity of his/her respective research group. Completion of the master’s program or the doctoral program requires the acquisition of necessary credits, and submission of a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, respectively.

After finishing the school

Physics plays an important role in every field of the society. Students who finish the master’s program can take advantage of their specialized knowledge and skills in various occupations. Those who finish the doctoral program, on the other hand, can take the initiative in research at universities, public agencies, private companies, and other institutions. Out of the 32 students who completed the master’s program in March 2015, 8 students continued their higher studies by enrolling in the doctoral program, while the other 24 found employment at various companies, government offices, etc.

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Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University