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The Department of Physics’ Vision for Human Resource Development and Education

The Department of Physics aims to develop individuals with advanced knowledge and research skills in physics covering the natural world extensively, including elementary particles, substances with various structures, and the universe. It also aims to develop competent individuals who can lead the next generation of advanced science and solve various social and environmental issues based on science.

Master’s Program

The Master’s Program aims to develop researchers, professional engineers, and educators specializing in physics as a basis for science and technology, who have basic knowledge in physics and a global perspective and interact with other natural science fields. In order to achieve these objectives, students will acquire:

  1. The basic knowledge necessary for conducting research in physics as well as logical thinking and practical research methods.
  2. The ability to initiate research projects in each field of physics, solve problems, and conduct research individually or under the graduate adviser’s guidance, as well as the ability to write logically organized papers and present the research findings.
  3. The ability to discuss with other researchers and the ability to present research findings from a broad perspective.

Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program aims to develop individuals to be independent researchers and research supervisors who can conduct leading research activities in the global arena. The students will develop broad insights into fundamental and applied physics while having the social responsibilities associated with research in mind. The students will acquire:

  1. The extensive knowledge, logical thinking, and practical research methods necessary to identify advanced and important research projects in physics.
  2. The ability to initiate unique research projects in each field of physics, plan and conduct research, and develop the ability to deliver adequate research findings, write original papers, and publish them in international journals.
  3. The ability to conduct research projects as an independent researcher, engage in international research discussions, and widely present the findings and significance of the research, and associate the research projects with society.

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Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University