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Department of Physics Master’s Program Entrance Examination: Past Questions

Below are questions from past Master’s Program entrance exams (PDF files).

The Department of Physics will not respond to any questions or inquiries regarding them. Please do not redistribute the files or printouts of them.

Regarding the English examination

Students will be evaluated based on their scores from outside tests (TOEIC Public Test, TOEFL-iBT, or IELTS [Academic Module])

Academic Year 2022 enrollees

Winter exam (February 2022)

Summer exam (August 2021)

Academic Year 2021 enrollees

Winter exam (February 2021)

Summer exam (August 2020)

Academic Year 2020 enrollees

Winter exam (February 2020)

Summer exam (August 2019)

Academic Year 2019 enrollees

Winter exam (February 2019)

Summer exam (August 2018)

Academic Year 2018 enrollees

Winter exam (February 2018)

Summer exam (August 2017)

Academic Year 2017 enrollees

Winter exam (February 2017)

Summer exam (August 2016)

Academic Year 2016 enrollees

Winter exam (February 2016)

Summer exam (September 2018)

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